Twitter Feeds in Command Prompt
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What is the Point?

This new and great K-Labs production was made out of a program originally designed to get twitter feeds in rss, process it to get only the first one, and then send that tweet through the COM port into an arduino where it would be played out in morse code. The point of this is to have a vintage style way of recieving messages, like they did a couple of decades ago. This program was made from 3 days of vigorous developing and testing to ensure that it would be a great product. As always, this will be given out for free because of my "free and open source" policy (though donating wouldn't hurt), but we do ask that you would say that it is a K-Labs product (or at least originally if you modded it) if you plan to share rewrites. This version has been rewritten to be able to be used by the public for their own purposes with little hassle as it has also been written to be its own installer. Here at K-Labs, we hope you will enjoy the latest and greatest of K-Labs products.

All the Rest

In order to get our newest software, you have to download the CMD Tweet Reader first. NOTE: This software was specifically designed for Windows 7, it might work on other versions of Windows but it has not been tested, it also will not work on other operating systems. Once downloaded, you have to unpack the file so that you now have a folder called "twitter feed". It is recommended that you then place this folder on your desktop or anywhere where files and folders can be written to without needing permission. It is important that the files stay inside the folder if you don't want the installation making files everywhere. When you are ready to proceed, open the file called "twitter feed reader" which should be a windows batch file. Since it is the first time opening the file, you will be asked to provide your twitter username which is what comes after the @ sign. A few more files will be written into the folder, do not be alarmed, this is part of the installation process and it is recommended that you do not touch the files as some of them are supporting files for this software. After this, it will show you the last most up-to-date tweet that you had. It only displays the tweets that you have published and not those of anyone you are following. The program will update every 5 seconds, currently the only way to change this is to go into the coding and changing the time values; this should not be so hard if you are familiar with batch coding. Since this program was designed to output the tweet, it could also be changed (because of the open source part) to output the tweet in a variety of ways. It is even possible to code it to write commands to a micro-controller through the serial port or even give your comupter commands. This is currently the latest (5/7/13) and greatest of our K-Labs products.