About this program

30 July 2014: The idea behind this piece of software is that in the event of a major solar storm, you would be warned of the electromagnetic levels spewed off by the sun. The idea and data comes from www.swpc.noaa.gov which pulls its data off two satellites. Therefore you would have time to take emergency action to protect electronics accordingly. In this case, unplugging and/or putting larger electronics into a Faraday cage would keep it protected from dangerous levels of electromagnetism.


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How to use it

This program downloads the raw graph image from www.swpc.noaa.gov and then uses simple image processing algorithms to read the current level of magnetism detected by the magnetometers on-board the satellites. You can set the alarm threshold by using the up and down arrow keys to raise or lower the threshold. If the alarm goes off, then it will stop if the magnetic levels drop below the threshold. To silence the alarm you can press the escape key and the sound will stop but the warning sign will persist if the magnetic levels are still above the user-defined threshold. All actions on this program will be logged in a file whose name follows the syntax: "sunmag_date_time.log".


-Python and pygame are necessary for this program to work.
-Keep in mind that there can only be sound if the "alarm.mp3" file is in the current active directory of the program.
-This program needs to have sufficient permissions to read and write files in its current active directory.
-This program has only been tested on python 2.7 and pygame 1.9.2
-This program has only been tested on Linux but might also work on Windows and Mac systems, it has not been tested though.
-Credit for the satellite data and graph goes to www.swpc.noaa.gov.
-Credit for the program goes to Koppany Horvath at the K-Labs development group.
-EULA is found inside of sunweather.py file.