DEFCON Status in Command Prompt
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Why DEFCON Status?

This is a modded version of the K-Labs product, CMD Twitter Reader, but rewritten to display the latest DEFCON status possible. The DEFCON number is generously provided by DEFCON Warning System(.com). All this new program does is use the number that is used by the DEFCON status gadget, read it, and display it on the screen. Also like the other program, this one is also open source, so you can have it send the number to the serial port or whatever you can think of doing with that number. This program updates every 20 seconds, but that is pretty fast compared to the gadget which updates every 10 minutes. As usual, this program is free and open-source to the public to mod in any way they want, all I am asking is that you mention it was a K-Labs product.

Using This Program

In order to get the latest DEFCON status, you have to download the CMD DEFCON Status program first. NOTE: This software was specifically designed for Windows 7, but unlike the Tweet Reader this one is more versatile although real testing hasn't been done so it cannot be said for sure, it also will not work on other operating systems. Once downloaded, you have to unpack the file so that you now have a folder called "defcon". It is recommended that you then place this folder on your desktop or anywhere where files and folders can be written to without needing permission. It is important that the files stay inside the folder if you don't want the installation making files everywhere. When you are ready to proceed, open the file called "defcon reader" which should be a windows batch file. A few more files will be written into the folder, do not be alarmed, this is part of the installation process and it is recommended that you do not touch the files as some of them are supporting files for this software. After this, it will show you an up-to-date number corresponding to the DEFCON status. If you want the program to update at any other speed, the only way to do that is change some coding (luckily it is open-source).