Batch DDOS-ing Computers
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What is DDOS-ing

The DDOS-ing is the act of making a DDOS attack. DDOS stands for distributed denial-of-service, in laymans terms, DDOS-ing is sending packets of information in a way that would slow down data transmission in internet.

Here is a picture of me doing a fancy DDOS attack on my sister while she was surfing the web. She got really mad at me for making the internet worse than it already was.


Traditionally it would be done using only Windows CMD. You would open up CMD and type in "ping -t -l 25000 ComputerName" but without the quotation marks. The number 25000 can be bigger or smaller depending on your internet connection and there would be more than one window because one isn't enough to do anything fancy. The name ComputerName would be substituted for the actual name of the computer you are targeting, but if you want to see the names of available computers on the network you are on then type "net view" in CMD without the quotation marks. Also DDOS-ing only really works within a network, so anything sharing one router or so. There are tutorials that use the DDOS technique on multiplayer games, but you need good internet for that and your target needs bad internet. To make your lives easier, I wrote a batch program that automatically DDOSes and has a "fire" button and a "stop" button, the files can be found here. In order to use this program, you MUST extract the folder in there but keep the files in the folder. Once that is done, run "ddos launcer.bat" and type in the computer's name and how many DDOS windows you would like to open. These files are free, open source, and distributable, but if you want to distribute them, then at least tell people what website they came from. Keep in mind that when the DDOS part is running, your internet connection will be greatly slowed down until you press the button to stop DDOS-ing.