Fixing An Acer Aspire 5100
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The Problem...

The only thing wrong with this computer is that there are no inputs. The optical drive still works though, as I was able to use an Ubuntu boot disk on the computer (it was pretty useless though because no inputs meant no way to choose options).

This is what the computer I'm fixing looks like, other than having no inputs, it's an almost unused computer. I even formatted the hard drive through an adapter cable and then departitioned the drive leaving me a nice 120 GB HDD.

Taking It Apart

So I started taking it apart and I found that it was much harder than I thought because I have never opened up a laptop to this extent before. So I took pictures of all of the parts that I removed from the computer during the process of taking it apart. Because I had trouble taking it apart, I took the time to look up the service manual, you can find it here.

So the picture gallery of computer surgery starts here. I was told by the previous owners that some connections got cut when it was being serviced by amateurs. I am also not going to walk you through the process, just look at the pictures or the service manual. These pictures are also in chronological order.

Still No Visible Problem

So after the entire "chop shop" ordeal with this computer, I examined everything that I could. I still found no visible problem but I didn't really check the motherboard, so I can't be too sure. I talked to the tech guy at my school and he said that he would check out the computer for me if I bring it to him. I don't really feel like carrying it to school and back home because of how heavy the computer is and how much I have to walk. I told the tech guy that I read that it might be a fried motherboard and he told me probably not because then it wouldn't even turn on much less run the Ubuntu boot disk. So currently I am waiting for it to be checked out and returned with a stat report on the damage and if it can be fixed. Though the tech guy did say that my best bet would be to check every component on the motherboard and see if any of those are bad, but at least now I know that the problem wasnt cut connections because one of the usb ports are directly soldered to the board and look ok.


Well, the school techie checked it out and he couldn't find any other reason that the inputs wouldn't work besides the motherboard. He checked for burnt components and stuff like that and found nothing. So, what do I do now, I have a bunch of spare parts that aren't good for anything besides computers. Maybe I'll make an external hard drive out of the HDD, but then I might as well use this other HDD I have because that one has like 2 times the memory. I'll figure something out later, maybe I could use some of the parts for this desktop I want to build.